Modular UPS

(20kVA to 400kVA or 30kVA to 900kVA) 99% input PF, 95% efficiency, 98% efficiency @ eco mode.

Modular UPS is used for very critical loads requires zero risk and high power via supporting high level technology. This UPS that is able to generate power from 20kVA to 400kVA or 30kVA to 900kVA provides continuous working by functional using and properties of changing module under load. This UPS prevents loss of time in case of maintenance and repairing.

  • MTBF is over 230,000 hours.  MTTR is below 15 minutes.
  • A true modular UPS with 20 /18 kW power modules or 30 kVA/27 kW in case of the RM  Series with 30 kVA modules)
  • 9 dry contacts, RS232 and RS485 are available as a standard.
  • SNMP remote monitoring and management software and kit can come as an option.
  • User friendly perfect touch screen LCD display where the operator can configure, monitor all the UPS parameters.
  • A wide range of input voltage acceptance (- 40% ~ +25%), so that it minimizes the battery use. Total cost of the ownership for RM Series Modular UPS is significantly lower than other brands.
  • Easy scalability for increasing power needs by simply adding power modules
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